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Integrate | Civic Engagement
A California Benefit Corp.
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Civic Engagement

Policy Integration
Drug policy reform is complex.

We offer local governments tailored approaches to successfully create and integrate sensible cannabis regulations designed to educate and benefit their entire community.

The California Cannabis industry was unregulated for 20 years. This is not business as usual.  This is legitimizing a deeply rooted grey market economy.



Successfully integrating your local cannabis economy into the community takes more than “good” policy and public comments in a City Council meeting. It requires innovative strategies that address the long term impacts of prohibition. As experts in community outreach & drug policy reform, we offer local governments and elected officials:

Cannabis Political Consulting

Sensible Advocacy, Cannabis Coaching, Stakeholder Networking

Cannabis Policy Management

Regulatory Compliance, Problem Solving, Nuisance Abatement

Research & Data Analysis

Social Impact Assessments, Multiphase Research Studies, Community Resiliency Reviews